Principal's Message

Welcome to East Prairie Middle School!
Research indicates that Middle School age students need two things to thrive. First, an increased need for independence. Second, meaningful, positive interactions with at least one caring adult in the school system. That suggests to us that students at the Middle School want to take social and academic risks of doing things on their own, but have the security and trust that they will be helped if they fail.
Our purpose at East Prairie Middle School is to inspire a sense of purpose in every student. Through the persistent pursuit of academic excellence, we believe that all students are capable and deserving to have cultivated the attributes of academic and social intelligence that will prepare them for success at the next stage - high school.
We will actively seek out students so that all feel a sense of safety and belonging on our campus. Our teachers will work tirelessly to prepare your students academically. Our staff will strive to build partnerships with the community for the benefits of the young people of our community. We look forward to working together to ensure the success of our students. Go Eagles!
Mr. Ryan Garnett, Middle School Principal Mr. Garnett




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